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Slovenia and NATO

Slovenia and NATO
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Slovenija and NATO

Through its membership of NATO, Slovenia has accomplished one of the most important foreign policy goals that it set for itself when it proclaimed independence. The decisions underlying this goal are the fundamental values of NATO as well as Slovenia's strategic security interests and vital national interests. Slovenia's preparations for the membership were thorough and undertaken great care.

Slovenia's obligations as a NATO member are defined in the Washington Treaty, which stipulates that member states individually and collectively sustain and develop their own defence forces as a foundation of collective defence. Member states are obliged to respect jointly accepted principles, as well as the policy and procedures of adopting these principles. The latter includes respect for the principle of the peaceful resolution of potential border or international conflicts in accordance with the United Nations Founding Charter.

As a NATO member, Slovenia actively participates in the activities of the Alliance and strives to play a visible role.

Siritev zveze NATO - predsedniki vlad drzav pristopnic Photo: Agencija Bobo
The seven new states that joined NATO were welcomed in White House in Washington.
(29 March 2004)

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