Slovenija >> NATO Joint website in suport to the accession of Slovenia to NATO, edited by Governmnet PR & Media Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Defence (active 2001- 2004)
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Slovenia and NATO
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As part of the programme informing the public in Slovenia and abroad about Slovenia's integration into NATO, this website has been launched on 12 November 2001 by the Government Public Relations and Media Office, the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The website is intended for all those who are interested in the details of Slovenia's integration into NATO.

The website administrators - Government Public Relations and Media Office, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Foreign Affairs - manage this site in accordance with questions and topics which are and will be at the forefront of public interest in Slovenia to join NATO.

The website is part of a communication strategy confirmed by the government in April 2001 to keep the public at home and abroad informed. Its purpose is to provide ongoing, integral, comprehensive and credible information on NATO and Slovenia's integration to the organisation, as well as to expand and strengthen communication aimed at explaining the integration processes, eliminating misunderstandings or doubts and establishing dialogue between the government and Slovenian public.

The website sits alongside other communication tools, such as printed materials, various informative and educational events, public debate and lectures that have already taken place or will be organised to keep the public at home and abroad informed about Slovenia' integration into NATO.