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March 23 - Referendum on Slovenian Entry into NATO

New corporate visual identity In a 23 March referendum on entry into the European Union and NATO, the citizens of Slovenia will decide on the entry of the country into both organisations.

Slovenia has been preparing for entry into the NATO Alliance for an entire decade. The Alliance's invitation to Slovenia at the Prague Summit shows that Slovenia is a credible and trustworthy state. With NATO entry, Slovenia will be included in a community of states that cooperate in the areas of politics, the military, economics, diplomacy, information and technology, and that assist one another in the event of ecological catastrophes and natural disasters. Cooperation in NATO offers Slovenia the opportunity to strengthen its position in the international community and to participate in decision-making on the future of Euro-Atlantic cooperation in an equal and responsible manner.

For the past two years, we have been managing a programme in Slovenia to raise public awareness of Slovenian inclusion in NATO. The final set of public discussions is currently taking place, and we have united them under the slogan "At home in Europe, secure in NATO".

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